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Friends of the Admirals Gardens


Tenth Meeting Monday 11th June 2007, Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road


Those present: Linda Miller, Emma Sheikh, Adam Price, Mark Last, Arfan Sheikh, Mervyn Lamb, Keith Gulvin, Joanne Cable, Pat Cooper, PCSO Simon King, Tina Lawlor-Mottram, Jane Jones, Cllr Geoff Juby, Cllr Cathy Sutton


1. Introductions & chairing arrangements The meeting was chaired by Linda Miller & minuted by Emma Sheikh.


The Friends welcomed ward councillor Cathy Sutton


2. Apologies were received from PC Andy Stringer, Donna Steel & Eileen Bartlett


3. The minutes from the 9th meeting held on 15th May 2007 were agreed as correct.


4. Matters arising


a) Groundwork to support FoAG


Linda, Emma and Adam attended a meeting with Karen Partridge on 15th May 2007 to discuss the leaflet design and layout, it is hoped that this will be ready for the 8th July. The leaflet will be supplied as a PDF file and we are currently obtaining quotes for printing. The stand loaned to us by Groundwork has had to be returned but hopefully we should have this back on loan in time for the Tour De France.


b) Involvement of Kent Wildlife Trust & Kent Bat Group


Still no response from KWT, and no update from Kent Bat Group.

Owen Sweeney of the Countryside Forum will be undertaking a wildlife survey shortly.


c. Locate image of the Nore’s crest


Still no luck with the crest, Tina has suggested that Guildhall Museum may hold images.


d) Record of ASB on site


Nothing major to report just a couple of minor incidents, however, Simon was pleased to announce that he had spotted his second Jay.


e) Advertising of the site and FoAG


Adam took the FoAG stand to Cozenton Nursery fete on 19/20 May and received a lot of interest from the public.

Tina mentioned that Medway Council run a scheme called “MOLE” and she will contact them to have our details added.

Some of the Friends met with Peter Cook on site on 9th June for an interview and photos, the piece should be going to print for this week’s issue of the KM.

Tina confirmed that she features us regularly in her column.

As the loaned stand has been given back to Groundwork, we need to source a replacement, Emma has put adverts on various websites including Freecycle but so far has only been offered a 4’x3’ white board, this may be ok for a 2nd stand but still need to source a larger but lighter weight one.

The stand will be on display at Fort Amherst on 8th July between 10am & 4pm for the Tour De France, could friends please volunteer to cover the stand at intervals during the day to be on hand to talk to the public.


f) BBC Breathing spaces


Joanne had printed off the photos that she been sent so far, we picked 3 to be included and may select the remainder from those that were taken by the KM photographer. Could Friends please give some thought to wording that they would like to be submitted (up to 200 words).


g) Green Triangle


The area we were discussing was clarified to the new comers. Joanne stated not much luck with finding the owner of this land, however, Land Registry can provide details at a cost of £25.00. Alternatively Michael Parkes or London and Quadrant may know.


5. Update from Joanne Cable


No updates to report, although Friends are reminded of the World Heritage launch on 14th June.


6. Update from Jane Jones of behalf of Mid Kent College


There have been developments:

* responsibility of the park will now fall to the College until completion when it will be handed over to the trustees; the endowment still stands.

* not clear at this stage what relationship the FoAG will have with the trust which will be formed in November/December 2007, it is hoped that a representative of the friends will at least be able to observe.


The college will now be more involved with the FoAG, and have been communicating with Peter Kendall of English Heritage confirming that they wish to preserve the park.


Exchange of contracts is due in the next few weeks for both the college and park site. A licence is to be obtained from the Defence Secretary of State hopefully next week to enable the erection of a security fence which will show the college boundary.


They will also be removing the concrete slabs at this time.


Works are scheduled to start mid August, and it has been confirmed that work will be carried out during weekdays only.


The issue regarding the crossing on Medway Road was raised and Jane confirm that she requested that a possible relocation be considered. It is not thought that this will be accepted by the MoD. The College will be looking into possible traffic calming along the road.


Keith asked if there was any chance of the old Dock Road being opened up to alleviate traffic. Jane replied that once again it doesn’t look like this will be agreed to.


Mervyn queried the future of the Royal Engineers in the area – the Ministry of Defence have stated that they will remain.


Mervyn asked for clarification regarding designation of the site as a park, was this to be life long as previously advised confirmed as safe for 200 years? Jane was unable to advise whether this was secure beyond 25 years..


Jane handed out the latest park plans and it was then requested that 2B on the plan be turned into a Japanese sunken garden rather than being in filled in as originally planned considering the town itself is twinned with Japan, also area 3 on the plan contains 2 natural copses that would be nice to keep, this would then help to keep costs down. Jane stated that this would be a change in the plans that have already been submitted, however, we maybe able to cover this under detailed design at a later date.


7. Any Other Business


Tina requested and collected subscriptions from the Friends, a minimum donation of £1.00 was suggested.


We are now in a position to apply for funding which could be used to pay for leaflets, website and other publicity. Suggestions include applying to the Co-op dividend fund as we can apply for £250 on our first application.


Keith won some photos of the Lower Lines taken in 1905 on eBay and these were shown around the group along with others.


Another picnic to be arranged for the Friends soon.






Date of next meeting

Tuesday 24th July 2007”, 6.00pm

Honeybees room at the Sunlight Centre.




Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Locate an image of the Nore’s crest ALL

2. Invite Kent Wildlife & Kent Bat Trust to future meetings ES

3. Advertise the FoAG and get more residents involved ALL

4. Prepare up to 200 words & source photos for Joanne ALL

5. Friends to volunteer to cover the stand on 8th July ALL