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Friends of the Admiral’s Garden’s.


Minutes of the 22nd meeting of Friends of Admiral’s Gardens held at the Sunlight Centre on 28th April 2009.

In attendance.

Linda Miller, Adam Price, Keith Gulvin, Christine Hart and children, Karl Martin, Nina Robinson, Mervyn Lamb, Neil McBride, Eileen Bartlett (Mid-Kent College), Joanne Cable (Chatham World Heritage partnership), Steve Seal (Police Neighbourhood team) Cllr Andy Stamp arrived at 6.30pm

Apologies: Tina Lawlor Mottram, Peter Reed, Pat Cooper, Chris Price, Cllr Geoff Juby, Emma Sheikh




Linda welcomed Neil McBride to his first meeting, and everyone introduced themselves.


2. Agree the minutes of 24th February 2009.




3. ­Feedback from first meeting of the Lower Lines Park Trust


Adam Price and Eileen Bartlett reported on the first meeting of the Park Trust on 26th March 2009. John Spence is Chair; other members are Cllr Diane Chambers, Jane Jones & Eileen Bartlett (Mid Kent College), Richard Holdsworth (Chatham Historic Dockyard) and Adam Price (community representative). The Trust decided to call itself the Lower Lines Park Trust. A folder of memoranda of articles of association and other papers was circulated for information to those present.


The Trust is revising plans for running the park because of the economic climate. It has a large endowment, but low interest rates means that it will only have £20k per annum to spend rather than £50-70k pa originally envisaged. Two avenues are currently being explored i) partnership work with Medway Council ii) volunteer input.


Adam Price proposed that we explore the potential from volunteers towards the running of the park as an agenda item at the next Friends’ meeting. AP


4. Update from Mid Kent College


a) The Park Eileen Bartlett reported excavation of the moat, up to the RSME end, has been completed. Infilling will take place on the college compound. The College is being advised by a wider group of landscape architects, in order to get the heritage look right. A formal planning agreement for the park is expected soon.


Eileen expects to invite Karl Martin onto the park site to take photographs for the website in about 3 weeks’ time after current earthworks have been completed. EB


Eileen promised to send to Karl Martin copies of the interesting aerial photographs of the park and the college for the Friends’ website. EB


b) The College took partial possession of the site on 23 April. As from 5 May the college team will be working from the new site. Possession of the Western block is expected on 10 June.


Mervyn Lamb stated that he had sent an email complaining that contractors have been parking on street corners and pavements since the College took partial possession of the car park. Mervyn later reported this to Cllr Andy Stamp at the end of the meeting.


5. Heritage report


Keith Gulvin reported on a whole series of letters he had discovered, and a rich seam of information available from the Times newspaper. These are helping him piece together recent history when Admiralty House existed on the park site.

Keith Gulvin agreed to send Tina and/or Karl some text for the website/leaflet. KG


Mervyn Lamb reported that Bill Avril-Cotton, former boatman to the Admiral of the Nore, unfortunately recently lost his wife.


6. Update from Joanne Cable.


a) Great Lines Heritage Park Joanne Cable circulated copies and spoke to a presentation regarding works at Great Lines Heritage Park namely:

* Upper Fort Amherst

* Spur Battery

* Bridge

* Field of Fire

These will include gabian wall in place of existing railings at Brompton Road, opening up an entrance to the Great Lines from Maxwell Road, with another entrance opposite the eventual roundabout at Mill Road. Much vegetation will be cleared from the Great Lines site and approach from Chatham. Paths, signs and interpretation boards will be provided. Effect lighting of the war memorial will be installed, and wildlife flowers planted.

A project officer will eventually be appointed, who will consult on the next phase, and arrange events and activities to bring people to the site. Agencies will be consulted on grazing projects. Joanne Cable and Keith Gulvin said that trees should not be planted on the Great Lines.

Adam Price reported that both he and Joanne Cable had been approached about the possibility of including new allotments in or near either of the parks. Apparently there is a waiting list of 70 for the 20 allotments at Mill Road. Mervyn Lamb felt that the triangle of land behind the bowling alley was suitable for allotments; Keith Gulvin felt that the Middle Lines area might be suitable. Linda Miller suggested that Dave Wyett be invited to our next meeting. AP

Christine Hart asked about the location of the new school at New Brompton College. Joanne said that this would be contained within the present envelope of school land.


b) Chatham World Heritage The next Partnership meeting will take place on 9 June at No. 3 slip in the Historic Dockyard (another partnership building).


Chatham World Heritage website:

7. Website and New Leaflet


a) Website: Karl Martin has loaded up more content. Our website, which is still under construction can be viewed: . The main element needed is more photographs. Eileen Bartlett and Jane Jones agreed to invite Karl with his camera into the sealed off park shortly. JJ/EB

Karl asked for a launch date for the website. This was agreed for 31st May 2009.


Other missing bits are:

Membership form to download

Future Diary events (diary is inactive at the moment)

Content for the heading Community

Content for the heading History

Content for the heading Green Issues

Missing info under the heading Partners- Steve Seal said that the Kent Police logo will be forwarded shortly via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it SS

Details for Contact Us - who is the volunteer to get all the post? Mervyn Lamb volunteered for this. ML

Two of Christine Hart’s children gave Karl pictures they had drawn of the park. Karl agreed to open up a new children’s section on the website!


Regarding the few missing bits Karl said that it’s easy enough to turn off some of the menu headings if content is not ready, we can update them when available.


Please send any constructive comments on the website and more content to Karl at his email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it All


b) Leaflet:

Tina has initiated work on a new leaflet. In Tina’s absence it was agreed to hold a separate ‘leaflet meeting’ with her shortly. TLM/ All

Tina was obtaining 3 quotes for printing.


8. Matter arising from the minutes of 24th­ February


a. Appeal for photos, heritage

Nina Robinson had kindly drafted a press release appealing for photos and information particularly about the Admiral’s House. This has been circulated. Adam Price has heard from a reporter at Medway Messenger, who thought he had such a photograph. Coverage in the local press of this appeal was expected on 1 May.


b. Possible funding from ‘Grassroots’


Tina Lawlor Mottram is applying for some funding. ‘Grassroots’ will consider applications for funding from small community groups and pay for things like equipment and rent costs. Tina had in mind an application for a nature trail in one of the tree areas under the ‘nurturing the environment’ theme. The Friends looked forward to feedback from Tina. TLM


c. Healthy Walks Festival


Adam Price will contact Catherine Smith at Medway Council to get the Admiral’s Gardens listed for the 2010 festival. AP

Keith Gulvin mentioned there is a walk around the whole of the Great Lines Heritage Park site planned on Sunday, 14 June- see Medway Council website.


9. Any Other Business


c) Brompton village festival Saturday 4th July- all welcome. 5pm-9pm

Date of Next Meeting of Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens

Tuesday 30 June 2009”, 6.00pm

Either Honeybees room, Sunlight Centre or the new Mid Kent College

Exact venue to be confirmed with the agenda



Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Appeal for ideas regarding volunteer input into the running of the park to be sent for discussion at he next meeting All/ AP


2. Invite Karl and his camera on site; send Karl the interesting aerial photographs EB/ JJ


3. Heritage material for website and leaflet to be sent to Karl Martin and Tina KG


4. Kent police logo to be sent to Tina for website & leaflet SS


5. Mervyn Lamb to be set up as our contact point on the website KM


6. Send some text and material for inclusion in our website KG


7. Constructive comments and more content re the website: please send to Karl Martin All


8. Leaflet planning meeting TLM / All


9. Apply for funding from ‘Grassroots’ TLM


10. Register the park for the Healthy Walks Festival in 2010 AP


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