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Friends of the Admiral’s Garden’s.


Minutes of the 18th meeting of Friends of Admiral’s Gardens held at the Sunlight Centre on 2nd September 2008.


In attendance.

Adam Price, Eileen Bartlett, Joanne Cable, Pat Cooper, Mervyn Lamb, Mervyn’s friend? Tina Lawlor Mottram, PCSO Katherine Francis, Keith Gulvin, Gerd Hoad, Eileen Bentley, Cllr Andy Stamp, Cllr Cathy Sutton.



Adam introduced everyone.


2. Apologies.

There were apologies from Linda Miller(Chair), and Emma Sheik.

Adam advised everyone that Pat had agreed to take the minutes again.

Adam asked if everyone agreed that he would Chair the meeting in Linda’s absence. Everyone agreed.


3. Agree the minutes of 24th July.

Agreed. Adam Price thanked Pat Cooper for taking the minutes for that meeting and this one.


4. Update from Eileen Bartlett on behalf of Mid Kent College (see attached report).

Eileen asked if there were any questions about her report.

Mervyn Lamb asked questions about Health and Safety issues and the tree barrier for the College. He stated that they don’t match the original plan. He was also worried about Tree Blight.

Eileen stated that the Landscape had been agreed with the Planning Dept of Medway Council.

If there was any doubt this could be checked up on.


Adam Price asked when further Tours of the site were going ahead. Eileen stated that she couldn’t say at the moment.


Adam Price suggested that, once there are further plans available, another public session be held in the hall at the Sunlight Centre, as the public need to know about these. Eileen agreed but timing is important as there has to be a process of consultation with the council and English Heritage followed by revision of plans. Also such a meeting would not involve consultation at this stage.

Adam Price stated that we need to communicate with the public.

Eileen Bartlett agreed to liaise with the Secretary of the Friends Group, once further plans were available. EB/AP

Adam Price stated that as modifications need to be made to the original plans the Friends might have a view on priorities i.e. which elements of the original plans should be developed before others.

Eileen advised that Planning have said that everything meets planning requirements, and has planning permission. There are prioritised areas to work on.


Mervyn Lamb stated that the plans had so much work done on them, and he also hopes that the revised plans stay the same. He was concerned about the Cypress trees. Although stated in the plans that they would be kept; they have been cut down.

Mervyn was also concerned about time schedules, as it was nearing the breeding season for Bats.

Eileen advised that they were working with the archaeologists to make sure the Bats were not disturbed. Joanne Cable advised that the Friends can inform the Trust about our concerns and what this group wanted.


5. Update from Joanne Cable.


Joanne Cable thanked everyone for coming to the recent meeting of the Chatham World Heritage partnership at the Royal Engineers Museum about ‘Great Lines City Park’.

Joanne advertised the forthcoming Great Lines City Park public consultation event on Saturday 13th September. It will be held at Fort Amherst, and will enable the pubic to see the sketch proposals, put stickers on flip charts, listen to the design brief, and discuss the proposals (including a possible new name for the Park)

This was an informal event. There would be egg launching for the children, guided tours of the Fort, and FOAG should have a Stand as we are an important part of the whole scheme. (Volunteers would man the stand).


Mervyn Lamb stated that he was “all for it” but didn’t want the name changed because the Great Lines is what the area was and is known by. Also there is this sticking point of the word “city”.


Adam Price stated that it was good to see at the last Partnership event an aerial plan of all the area covered by the proposed GLCP including Maxwell Park , Black Lion fields, Lower Lines and the Great Lines. The aerial view shows better than on the ground how these all link together.


Our park is playing a part as ‘matched funding’ towards the application for the GCLP.


Eileen Bartlett said that the College were prepared to print off 300 more Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens leaflets. Tina Lawlor Mottram and Eileen discussed arrangements for producing the leaflets. TLM/EB


It was suggested that people manning the stand do half an hour each in order to be able to take part in other activities.


6.Matters arising from the minutes of 24th July


a. Cllr Cathy Sutton stated that there had been contact with Julie Eveson at Medway Council regarding monitoring street cleaning in Johnson Avenue.


Cllr Andy Stamp said that the council had agreed to install a further dog bin in the Johnson Avenue area. Adam Price agreed to contact Chris Hart, who had raised this matter, for her view and to let the Council know. AP


Andy warned that the new bin may not be emptied straight away, as it is not yet on the schedule. People should let him know of any further problems.


b, Adam Price had submitted an application for funding on behalf of the Friends to the Chatham World Heritage Community Fund. If successful the funding would pay for a website for the Friends, a new leaflet to publicise the new park and to get more members, a contribution towards this year’s picnic and money to pay for hire of rooms for meetings over the forthcoming year.

The proposed park has received publicity on Joanne Cable’s web site


Tina Lawlor Mottram stated that Medway Council are seeking bids to the Small Grants Budget, she will look into this. TLM

Tina also stated that as we are at the end of our cash, we cannot keep paying for the meetings in the Sunlight Centre unless further funds are obtained.


Adam Price reminded those present that our constitution includes a requirement for £1 annual membership donation from members, was it possible to have some money today?(some members paid). All


Adam also advised that the Friends’ annual picnic will be held on the Green Triangle between Medway road and Kelly Drive on September 28th 1-3pm. All welcome. This was one part of the application for the funding bid. Adam to coordinate. AP



Mervyn Lamb advised everyone that a famous person by the name of John Stedman had invented a propeller system for boats had lived in the area provisionally earmarked for a proposed housing development, at the Pattens store site near Charter Street/ Burns Road, at the back of Mill Road. It is an historic location.


Cllr Andy Stamp stated that this proposal for housing had not yet come forward to the planning committee.

Both councillors stated that they would call for a site meeting, and speak on behalf of local residents. Mervyn was asked if he had made representations to the Council.


Keith Gulvin asked if the site was already designated for conservation.

Tina Lawlor Mottram suggested we could make representations and objections as a group.


Keith Gulvin gave an update on the Heritage Trail, it is almost complete.

Display boards are in place there are 3 in place at the moment but there are hopefully going to be 14 boards in by the end of the month.

The boards will include photos, plans and the history of the site, plus maps.

In total 3and a half miles, 14 panels in different places. There would be leaflets placed in libraries etc, the launch would be next year.

The Charity Medway Historical Ordnance deal with Firepower. There will be more cannons to restore but they have run out of room at Fort Amherst, can they be put on the Lower Lines(7 in number)?

Fort Amherst group have applied for a Lottery Grant to build gun carriages as they are £5,000 each.


Adam Price asked Keith Gulvin if he was prepared to help design the web site for the Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens. Keith stated that he had found new material from the archives. New plans, colour plans and they can be put on disc.


There is some interesting stuff from 1805, line colour drawings. Keith had also got some stuff from Ebay postcards of the Submarine training School.

Mervyn advised Keith about the THRIFT web site.Keith will bring new material to the next meeting. KG





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