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Friends of the Admirals Gardens


Fifteenth meeting Tuesday 15th April 2008, Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road


Those present: Linda Miller, Adam Price, Keith Gulvin, Gerd HoadHoad, Pat Cooper, Matthew Constable, Christine Hart, Joan Higgs, Nina Robinson, Joanne Cable, Tina Lawlor Mottram,

Mervyn Lamb, Maurice Newman, P. Buckingham, S. Knell, J. Copestake, & Anita Prince (Charter Street residents), Eileen Bartlett & Melanie Sibley (Mid Kent College), John Spence (Trustee), Dave Hughes (Medway Council Safer Communities)


1. Introductions Linda Miller welcomed some residents from Charter Street to their first meeting.


2. Apologies were received from Michael Dann & Andy Whitall (Kent Police), Claire Constable, Cllrs Geoff Juby, Andy Stamp & Cathy Sutton, Emma Sheikh, Arfan Sheikh.


3. The minutes from the 14th meeting held on 26th February 2008 were agreed.


4. Matters arising


a) Independent resident wanted to join the board of trustees for the park

Eileen Bartlett confirmed that an advert has been circulated for an independent resident to join the trustees of the new park; anybody interested please apply to Jane Jones by 18 April.


b) Further tours around the park


Eileen Bartlett was reminded, and she agreed to prepare a schedule of dates for further public tours around the park during the period when the park is closed.


c) Ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour at Charter Street


Mervyn Lamb and other residents from Charter Street raised this ongoing problem, however neither police officers nor councillors were present. Dave Hughes from Medway Council noted the problem. Adam Price said if need be he was willing to arrange a separate public meeting on this issue. All present agreed this was something which needed resolving, but that it was not really an issue for this meeting.


d) Problem with dog faeces in Johnson Avenue


Christine Hart had highlighted this problem at the previous meeting, and Cllr Cathy Sutton had agreed to take this matter up. The problem has got worse since the park has been sealed off, and it extends to the path by the green triangle from Kelly Drive. Residents are advised to when necessary telephone ‘customer first’ at Medway Council – Tel 333333- and request a special street clean.


e) Advertising FoAG and payment to Groundwork


An article will appear in the next issue of Sunlight Development Trust’s newsletter. Eileen Bartlett and Adam Price will arrange a flier courtesy of Mid Kent College to publicise further tours of the park. Tina Lawlor-Mottram suggested World Environment Day on 7 June would be a good date to aim for the flier.

Further discussion took place about the outstanding bill from Groundwork for the original leaflet, also our insufficient funds in the Friends’ account. Tina Lawlor Mottram agreed to request Groundwork to write off this amount.


5. Update from Joanne Cable

The Great Lines City Park project (part of the World Heritage Site application for Chatham Dockyard and its Defences) has three phases. Phase 1: Lower Lines park, Phase 2: Medway Park at the Black Lion, Phase 3: the remaining area of the Great Lines down to Fort Amherst (currently subject to a £2m. application to Greening the Gateway funds - £35m has been allocated to the Thames Gateway, of which £10m is earmarked for North Kent).

A further workshop concerning the bid for World Heritage Status will take place on 20 May between 6pm and 7.30pm and the venue is Brompton Barracks. All are welcome to attend, but people must first register their attendance; further details to follow.


6. Update from Eileen Bartlett and Melanie Sibley on behalf of Mid Kent College


a) The Park. Eileen Bartlett thanked Friends and other members of the public who attended the presentation of plans for the new park on 4 March. The College have considered everyone’s comments and formulated their response. This includes:

* taking out the second path and entrance from Johnson Avenue (a security measure to minimise the number of entrance and exit points);

* recycling wood where possible on site- wood from the felled trees on site is not suitable to be re-used for seating, however wood chippings are already being used for paths, also log piles as an ecological measure for the benefit of reptiles and lizards;

* opening of HMS Wildfire must be subject to further negotiation, and making the tunnels safe;

* the College propose to remove the second bridge, and replace this with a viewing platform as a health and safety measure because of concern about the narrow southern perimeter of the originally proposed circular walk.

* Plateau will have a view of the docks and the river (the College feel there are other areas within the park where residents can experience more of a closed-in feeling, and escape from the hubbub of north Gillingham)


Eileen Bartlett agreed to email to Adam Price the College’s full response to points raised at the exhibition on 4 March, also a scanned copy of the new plans for onward circulation to the Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens. The revised plans will now be submitted to Medway Council’s planning committee for approval.


b) Work on the College. Melanie Sibley reported on the time capsule ceremony. Cds of photographs taken have been circulated.

Melanie will be meeting with Tina Lawlor-Mottram and Adam Price about a ‘Memorable Medway’ project, which it is planned will record living memories of local residents of previous times at this juncture of great change to North Gillingham.

The College’s green travel plan is out to the steering group for their comments. Melanie understands that the Council will commence their own consultation on a controlled parking zone for residents quite shortly.that building works are proceeding according to schedule.


7. Any other business

a) College’s meeting with residents postponed

Melanie Sibley agreed to move the date of the College’s next meeting with residents to enable people instead to attend the Chatham World Heritage meeting on 20 May.


b) World Environment Day event in Gillingham Library

Tina Lawlor-Mottram advertised an artistic event including making a hand-made book on Saturday, 7th June in Gillingham library to mark World Environment Day. Phil Leech is the contact for further enquiries at the library.


c) Heritage report

Keith Gulvin reported that the fire break and anti-tank holes on the green triangle have been listed. Regarding HMS Wildfire Keith Gulvin circulated some photographs, and underlined the importance of maintaining some form of ventilation to the tunnels. He urged the College not to seal HMS Wildfire, otherwise dry rot will set in.




Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 3 June 2008”, 6.00pm

Honeybees room, Sunlight Centre

Richmond Road, Gillingham



Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Arrange a schedule of dates for further tours during the period when the park is closed EB


2. Telephone Medway Council to arrange a special street clean in Johnson Avenue CH & JH


3. Design a flier to advertise further tours for the public AP & EB


4. Request Groundwork to write-off payment for original leaflet TLM


5. Register your attendance at the Chatham World Heritage workshop in Brompton Barracks on Tuesday, 20 May All


6. Circulate via the secretary the College’s full response to views expressed at the exhibition and planning event on 4 March, also the new proposed plan EB






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