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Friends of the Admirals Gardens


Notes of the second AGM held on Tuesday 6th November 2007 in Honeybees room at the Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road


Those present: Linda Miller, Eileen Bartlett, Joanne Cable, Adam Price, Les Mawson, Pauline Mawson, Joan Higgs, Thomas Molloy, Pat Cooper, Tina Lawlor-Mottram, Melanie Sibley, PC Andrew Stringer, Cllr Cathy Sutton, NPO Andy Whithall, PCSO Suzie Waldie, PCSO Sean Smith, Chris White, Christine Hart, Clare Constable, Matt Constable.


1. Introductions & welcome Linda Miller welcomed everyone, especially Clare and Matt Constable to their first meeting.


2. Apologies were received from Jane Jones, Emma Sheikh, Arfan Sheikh, Keith Gulvin, Cllr Geoff Juby, Gerd Hoad


3. The minutes from the 1st AGM held on 17 November 2006 were agreed as a correct record.


4. Report on the achievements of the Friends so far


Linda Miller circulated copies of her report (attached) on achievements so far of the Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens. Linda thanked Emma Sheikh, our secretary, Adam Price, Mid Kent College and especially Gerd Hoad and Keith Gulvin for hosting our first barbeque at Fort Amherst in September.


5. Financial Update


Tina Lawlor-Mottram gave her treasurer’s report. We have an account with Lloyds TSB Bank. The last statement showed a balance of £122 (including the Medway Urban Parks and Green Spaces’ grant of £100). With £15 voluntary donations to be added and £20 to be drawn for expenses this leaves an up-to-date balance of £117.


Groundwork have sent us a bill for the printing of leaflets which should have been paid for out of Medway Council’s grant from the previous year; Tina is disputing this on behalf of the Friends.


6. Election of Officers


  1. Chair: Linda Miller - nominated by Adam Price, seconded by Tina Lawlor-Mottram.

  2. Secretary: Emma Sheikh – nominated by Aam Price, seconded by Tina Lawlor-Mottram

  3. Treasurer: Tina Lawlor-Mottram – nominated by Linda Miller, seconded by Pat Cooper

  4. Three other persons: Joan Higgs, Christine Hart and Adam Price

  5. Other persons coopted for specific purposes:

Heritage Adviser: Keith Gulvin

Youth Liaison Officer: Clare Constable





7. Any Other Business


Eileen Barlett gave a progress report on behalf of Mid-Kent College. Vegetation has been cut back from encroaching on Cumberland road, Johnson Avenue and Medway Road. Knotweed has been discovered on the park side; the College are currently awaiting advice. Some areas of the park will be fenced off for health and safety reasons.


The College will shortly apply for planning permission to temporarily site a training cabin on the park side. This will be for students learning construction skills.


Kier Build had expressed their apologies for having left their floodlights on. Melanie Sibley asked that if residents should have further concerns or queries during construction they should telephone her at Mid Kent college on Medway 884576.


The first crane will arrive on 17 November, and the road will be closed to accommodate this.


Melanie Sibley said residents are welcome to the College’s next meeting at Kier Build on 14 November at 6pm. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. In future the venue will be the training shelter.


Mid-Kent College have ordered for the Friends a pop-up stand.


Melanie reported on joint work with Tina Lawler-Mottram and Adam Price and local schools on a time capsule for the College site. This will be followed by a ‘Memories’ project to capture residents memories of living in the area and their hopes for the future during this time of change in the local community.


Regarding complaints from residents about contractors parking in Mil road, Kier are doing their utmost to address this problem, and have met with the Council. A sign on site now requests contractors to use the Black Lion car park. By February/ March it is hoped that this issue will have to a degree been resolved.


Chris White extended an invitation to the College to use the Sunlight Development Trust’s communications such as Radio Sunlight and their website for further updates. Melanie Sibley promised to send an update to Chris White.


Cllr Cathy Sutton gave a brief update on the current situation with regard to parking in the local area. Construction of the new college is already having an effect.




Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 15th January 2008”, 6.00pm

Honeybees room at the Sunlight Centre.









Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Any residents with further concerns or queries relating to the construction of the new college should contact Melanie Sibley at Mid Kent College on Medway 884576 ALL


2. Send further updates regarding construction of the new College to Sunlight Development Trust for the radio and/or website. MS


3. Advertise the FoAG and get more residents involved ALL






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