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Friends of the Admirals Gardens


Twelfth meeting Tuesday 18th September 2007, Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road


Those present: Linda Miller, Mervyn Lamb, Adam Price, Les Mawson, Pauline Mawson, Penny Chisholm, Gerd Hoad, Thomas Molloy, Pat Cooper, Tina Lawlor-Mottram, Jane Jones, Melanie Sibley, PC Andrew Stringer, NPO Andy Whithall, PCSO Suzie Waldie, PCSO Sean Smith, Dave Wyett, Christine Hart


1. Introductions & chairing arrangements The meeting was chaired by Linda Miller & minuted by Adam Price.


2. Apologies were received from Emma Sheikh, Arfan Sheikh, Joanne Cable, Keith Gulvin, Chris White, Cllr Geoff Juby & Joan Higgs


3. The minutes from the 11th meeting held on 24th July 2007 were agreed as correct.


4. Matters arising


a) Groundwork to support FoAG


Jane Jones has met Groundwork with a view to commissioning some further work from them with the Friends and, in particular, children.


Action: Adam Price will contact Joanne Cable about possible payment for the initial run of leaflets promoting the Admiral’s Gardens from her budget.


b) Involvement of Kent Wildlife Trust & Kent Bat Group


Item held over to the next meeting.


c) Advertising of the site and FoAG


Penny Chisholm reported that the Friendship Group had enjoyed Mervyn’s tour around the Admiral’s Gardens. Mervyn has also shown Tom Malloy around the site, and Tom has now joined the Friends.


d) Record of ASB on site, also ground maintenance required


Nothing to report on site regarding ASB, however:

  • Adam reported brambles require to be cutback on the approach to Johnson Avenue (near the junction of Purser Way and Cumberland Road)

Action: Jane Jones

  • Mervyn reported Japanese knotweed is once again in evidence in the glade (Michael Parkes has previously put down weedkiller).

Action: Jane Jones

  • Dog faeces required to be cleared from Cumberland road

Action: Jane Jones

  • Dog bins have not been emptied on the green triangle (Quadron contractors).

Action: Adam Price and Emma Sheikh to write to Medway Council.

  • Mervyn reported the safety barrier near Medway Road has been dismantled

Action: Adam Price and Emma Sheikh to write to Medway Council.


Neighbourhood Police Officer Andy Whithall introduced the concept of Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings; PACT is about interested residents from a defined area of just a few streets meeting with the police, parking enforcement, environmental health and other agencies to address problems local to the area. Andy said he was willing to organise a first local PACT meeting for the area neighbouring the Lower Lines, which could address various nuisance matters for the betterment of the neighbourhood.


Action: Emma Sheikh to send to Andy Whithall email and other contact addresses for those members of FoAG living in the area immediately neighbouring the Lower Lines. Andy Whithall to convene a PACT meeting.


5. Update from Jane Jones of behalf of Mid Kent College


The College have previous experience of designing community parks (mostly from the Portsmouth and Plymouth areas). RPS will involve the Friends for their views when developing the existing plans into the design stage.


Jane Jones promised to keep the Friends informed as to when it becomes necessary to fence off areas of the Admiral’s Gardens.


Melanie Sibley introduced herself as the communications officer for the College. Melanie invited everyone along to the first meeting of the College’s community liaison group at 6pm on Wednesday, 3rd October 2007 at Gillingham Jumpers in Mill Road. Images of the new campus to be built at Price Arthur Road (next to the new park) will be available for everyone to se.


Melanie will distribute posters and fliers advertising the College’s meeting in local streets and community establishments; of course all Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens will be most welcome to attend.


Action: Adam Price will ask Emma Sheikh to send Melanie email and postal addresses of the Friends. Adam agreed to provide what remains of the Friends’ stand for the College’s meeting.


7. Any Other Business


  1. Horse chestnut trees

Mervyn Lamb raised concerns regarding the condition of horse chestnut trees in the Gardens; he believed some kind of beetle may be responsible. Mervyn was advised to direct his enquiries to Mike Sankus, Medway Council’s Tree Officer.


  1. Memories project

Tina Lawler Mottram informed the Friends about a project which she and Adam Price want to carry out, subject to obtaining funding from possible sources. As the local area is undergoing considerable change, the proposed project will seek to capture a flavour of local social history, how local people have in the past spent their leisure time, also what people’s feelings are about the future including the new college to be built, the proposed park and other planned developments. The community art / social history project will feature local architecture, pub signs and especially local people’s memories through interviews ie those who have either been born, lived in or worked in the local area. Tina asked if the Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens and the Friends of Hillyfields would like to be community reference groups for the project if it gets off the ground. Jane Jones indicated that the College were intending to commission some similar work and asked to meet with Tina and Adam outside of the meeting.

  1. Medway Urban Parks and Green Spaces Forum

Pat Cooper was pleased that the Friends of Admiral’s Gardens are the first Friends Group to have received £100 from the Medway Urban Parks and Green Spaces Forum. Pat had been interviewed on KMFM radio about this.


  1. Poetry please

Tina stated that Terry Godwin from the Rainham Poetry Group is keen to receive locally inspired poems for example about the River Medway or the seasons.


  1. Johnson Avenue is a cul-de-sac!

Christine pointed out that there is no sign in Johnson Avenue warning motorists that this is a cul-de-sac. Recently a coach, caravan and lorry have all had to turn round in Johnson Avenue.

Action: Adam and Emma will request a no through sign in a letter to Medway Council.


  1. Treasurer’s report

Tina gave her Treasurer’s report. The Friends now have £122. Tina thanked those Friends who have already given £1 annual membership fee towards our expenses.


  1. Listed status for the green triangle

Gerd Hoad has submitted an application to English Heritage to get listed and protected the ‘dragon’s teeth’ on the green triangle.


  1. Barbeque and guided visit to Fort Amherst

Gerd and Keith extended a warm invitation to all Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens and their family and friends to a barbeque at Fort Amherst. Adam wondered if there would be sufficient numbers attending. Tina suggested this invitation be extended to our sister Friends of Hillyfields group.

Action: Pat Cooper to inform Friends of Hillyfields


Barbeque equipment and a volunteer guide will be provided (unfortunately neither Keith nor Gerd can attend). Everyone should please bring some food to share. A microwave will be available to defrost any meat and vegetarian food for the barbeque. The Friends need to provide gas for the barbeque. An escorted trip through the fort’s tunnels will take place during the afternoon, and a separate ‘ghost visit for adults will take place in the evening. The following date was agreed:


Saturday, 6 October 2007 2pm- 8pm.


Everyone wishing to attend from either FoAG or Friends of Hillyfields please let Linda Miller know on Medway 387421 to ascertain if there will be sufficient numbers.

Action: All Friends please let Linda Miller know whether or not you can attend.




“Barbeque at Fort Amherst”

Our first barbeque is to be held on the green triangle

6th October 2007

2pm – 8pm

Please bring a plate/dish of food and refreshments to be shared!





Date of Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 6th November 2007”, 6.00pm

Honeybees room at the Sunlight Centre.




Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Contact Joanne Cable about possible payment for the initial run of leaflets promoting the Admiral’s Gardens from her budget AP

2. Cut back brambles on the approach to Johnson Avenue JJ

3. Tackle Japanese knotweed on site JJ

4. Clear dog faeces from Cumberland Road JJ

5. Complain to Medway Council re dog bins not being emptied ES/AP

6. Send email and contact addresses of FOAG members living near the Lower Lines to Andy Whithall

7. Convene Partners and Community Together (PACT) meeting AW

8. Send email and contact addresses of FOAG members to Melanie Sibley, for Melanie to publicise College meeting ES

9. Provide components of FoAG stand to Chris White for College meeting AP

10. Alert Mike Sankus to condition of horse chestnut trees ML

11. Request Council to provide a no-through sign for Johnson Avenue


12. Inform Friends of Hillyfileds re Fort Amherst barbeque PC

13. Let Linda know whether or not you can attend barbeque ALL

14. Advertise the FoAG and get more residents involved ALL






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