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Friends of the Admirals Gardens


Eleventh meeting Tuesday 24th July 2007, Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road


Those present: Linda Miller, Emma Sheikh, Adam Price, Arfan Sheikh, Keith Gulvin, Gerd Hoad, Joanne Cable, Pat Cooper, Tina Lawlor-Mottram, Jane Jones, Eileen Bartlett, PC Andrew Stringer, PCSO Kathryn Francis, Christine Hart


1. Introductions & chairing arrangements The meeting was chaired by Linda Miller & minuted by Emma Sheikh.


2. Apologies were received from Mervyn Lamb & Joan Higgs


3. The minutes from the 10th meeting held on 11th June 2007 were agreed as correct.


4. Matters arising


a) Groundwork to support FoAG


The long awaited leaflet has now been finished and copies handed out to the Friends.


b) Involvement of Kent Wildlife Trust & Kent Bat Group


Still no update from Kent Bat Group.


Sue Young from KWT has advised that they are very busy and don’t have time to assist us with surveys etc unless we can arrange funding for the consultations, however, she has requested future copies of meeting minutes and agendas as she may be able to respond to specific items where the KWT might be able to offer help.

She also suggested contacting Kent Bat Group and the Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group.


Owen Sweeney of the Countryside Forum has undertaken a brief wildlife survey.


c. Locate image of the Nore’s crest


Still no luck with the crest, and although it would be nice to know what the original looked like, our own version has now been designed and is featured on the leaflets.


d) Record of ASB on site


Nothing to report on site, however, broken glass was found laying in the road that indicates that a car might have been broken into. Recently there have been reports of an air rifle being fired in Kelly Drive and Andy has advised that anyone in the area should take extra care.


e) Advertising of the site and FoAG


Adam took the FoAG stand and leaflets to Fort Amherst 8th July 2007 but not many visitors due to the way that the police had erected fences.


We featured in the Kent Messenger on 18th June 2007.


The World Heritage website has now gone live and Joanne has included a piece about the Friends of Admiral’s Gardens, she will also be including the PDF file of our leaflet and has advised that any information can be added at any time.


Pat advised that she has a stand at the Library for the next 2 weeks and is happy to add any information or photographs regarding the Admiral’s Gardens.


A copy of the PDF file of our leaflet has been emailed to Chris for the inclusion on the Sunlight website.


f) BBC Breathing spaces


Joanne has now written a piece of approx 150, leaving 50 words for anything else we may wish to add.


g) Green Triangle


No luck so far finding out who owns this land.


5. Update from Joanne Cable


No updates to report, although Friends were advised that the World Heritage launch took place on 14th June and are welcome to join, they will hold approximately 2-3 meetings per year.

The website includes a guestbook section where members of the public are invited to add stories of the site and explain what the area means to them, they are also hoping to receive anecdotes and photographs.


6. Update from Jane Jones of behalf of Mid Kent College


Both the College and park sites are now owned by Mid Kent College and planning permission has been granted.


The works on the college site are to commence late August, and there is now 24hour security in place.


Due to the presence of reptiles on the park site work is expected to start late autumn.


The trustees should be in place by the end of 2007 but the park will not be handed over to them until the works are substantially finished.


7. Any Other Business


Owen Sweeney had stated on his visit to the park site that we should insist on access to the park at all times during the works being carried out. Jane Jones stated that this was not at all possible due to health and safety as it will in effect become a construction site, although visits by named persons only may be allowed at prearranged times and photos can be provided if required to show developments.

Keith requested pre-arranged open days, and Jane stated that this might be possible.


Mervyn via email stated “it is apparent that the buildings will tower over us, and surrounding properties, I can see the excavators from here before they even start building and it is not the most attractive of constructions, and I would like to suggest a tree screen in line with the trees fronting the museum and the triangle area”

Jane stated that trees are to be planted to form a screen, however, they will not be of a great height so the buildings will still be visible. They have opted for long narrow buildings rather than blocks and she will source the artist impression pictures for circulation if any one wishes to view them. (These have now been provided by email should anyone wish to have a copy please let me know and I will forward to you).


We are now in the process of applying for funding which could be used to pay for the leaflets, meeting rooms, website and other publicity.




“Picnic in the Park”

Our 2nd picnic in the park is to be held on the green triangle

26th August 2007

1pm – 3pm

Please bring a plate/dish of food and refreshments to be shared!




A further event is due to be organised in September at Fort Amherst, which is to include an afternoon barbeque and a ghost tour of the tunnels.

Keith and Gerd have kindly agreed to donate funds raised on the day to the FoAG.

Date to be arranged.



Date of next meeting

Tuesday 18th September 2007”, 6.00pm

Honeybees room at the Sunlight Centre.




Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Invite Kent Wildlife & Kent Bat Trust to future meetings ES

2. Advertise the FoAG and get more residents involved ALL






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