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Friends of the Admiral’s Garden’s.


Minutes of the 21st meeting of Friends of Admiral’s Gardens held at the Sunlight Centre on 24th February 2009.


In attendance.

Linda Miller, Adam Price, Emma Sheikh, Cllr Andy Stamp, Tina Lawlor Mottram, Keith Gulvin, Christine Hart, Pat Cooper, Maurice Newman, Peter Reed, Karl Martin, Nina Robinson, Jane Jones (Mid-Kent College), Joanne Cable (Chatham World Heritage partnership) Jamie Little & Steve Seal (Police Neighbourhood team)

Apologies: Penny Chisholm, Cllr Geoff Juby, Catherine Le Bont.




Linda introduced everyone.


2. Agree the minutes of 13th January 2009.




3. Update from Mid Kent College


a) The Park Jane Jones reported continuing progress with the scheme. The location of the bridge is currently being renegotiated with English Heritage due to the amount of heritage interest in the moat. It is hoped that this will enable a couple more trees to be saved. All slow worms have been removed, so now the archaeological investigations and works can proceed on the main part of the site. Various gun emplacements have already been discovered including an early anti- aircraft site

(similar to one on the Isle of Wight).


b) The College A further meeting with residents about the college will be held on Tuesday, 24th March 6pm- 7.30pm. Kier are due to hand over the college site on 22 April.


Jane Jones circulated some interesting aerial photographs of the college and park, and gave a copy of one photograph to local resident Christine Hart.


4. Update from Joanne Cable.


a) Great Lines Heritage Park Designs of the 4 component parts of the Great Lines Heritage Park are being progressed. The need for low maintenance is a key factor as the project includes limited revenue to cover ongoing maintenance costs. Paths and benches are likely to appear first on the ‘Great Lines’/ field of fire.

Interviews were held on 2nd February for a Project Officer; however the successful candidate later withdrew. Further interviews are scheduled for 2nd March. The project officer will be setting up a Friends Group. Pat Cooper invited him/her to a Gren Spaces Forum meeting.

b) Chatham World Heritage The Government has launched its review of World Heritage status applications after 2010. Options include new shortlists for applications or to cease. It is understood that the Government may opt for a new bid once every 2 years. Chatham has very strong support from our stakeholders. Chatham is the MoD’s preferred application. Local authorities are in favour of Chatham and the Lake District. Joanne said that we should see the first results on the shaping of the lists of applicants for world heritage status in May/June.


Chatham World Heritage website:

5. Heritage report


Keith Gulvin is still looking for a photograph of Admiralty House. He is negotiating a possible loan of cannons from Woolwich.

Nina Robinson suggested trailing the new park by issuing an appeal for old photos, heritage etc through the local paper. Nina agreed to work with Adam Price to take this forward. NR/AP

Keith Gulvin agreed to send Tina and/or Karl some text for the website KG


6. Website and New Leaflet


a) Website: Karl Martin had gone through some possible designs for the website with Linda, Tina and Adam. The preferred design and initial content can be viewed on our website, which is still under construction: . Please send any constructive comments on the website and more content to Karl at his email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it All

Karl said the main element needed is more photographs. Jane Jones agreed to invite Karl with his camera into the sealed off park shortly. JJ


b) Leaflet:

Tina is initiating work on a new leaflet. PC Jamie Little agreed to send Tina the Kent Police Logo via her email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it JL

Tina will obtain 3 quotes for printing


7. Matter arising from the minutes of 13th­ January


a. Bridget Simmonds’ project

Adam Price and Jane Jones have been approached by Bridget for copies of the plans and photographs.



8. AOB.


a) Possible funding from ‘Grassroots’


Tina Lawlor Mottram is applying for some funding. ‘Grassroots’ will consider applications for funding from small community groups and pay for things like equipment and rent costs. Tina has in mind an application for a nature trail in one of the tree areas under the ‘nurturing the environment’ theme. The Friends agreed that Tina should proceed in our name. TLM


b) Healthy Walks Festival


Pat Cooper suggested the park register for the ‘Healthy Walks’ Festival in June 2010. Catherine Smith is the contact at Medway Council. Keith Gulvin said he is arranging one at the Great Lines. AP


c) Friends of Hillyfields next meet on 24th March- all welcome.



Date of Next Meeting of Friends of the Admiral’s Gardens

Tuesday 28 April 2009”, 6.00pm

Either Honeybees room, Sunlight Centre or the new Mid Kent College

Exact venue to be confirmed with the agenda



Summary of action points follows:


Action required before next meeting:


1. Appeal for photos, heritage NR/AP


2. Send some text and material for inclusion in our website KG


3. Constructive comments and more content re the website: please send to Karl Martin All


4. Invite Karl and his camera on site JJ


5. Supply the Kent Police logo for the Friends’ website and leaflet JL


6. Provide some information and photographs to Bridget Simmonds AP



7. Apply for funding from ‘Grassroots’ TLM


8. Register the park for the Healthy Walks Festival in 2010 AP

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