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Friends of the Admiral’s Garden’s.

Minutes of the 19th meeting of Friends of Admiral’s Gardens held at the Sunlight Centre on 14th October 2008.

In attendance.

Linda Miller, Adam Price, Mervyn Lamb, PCSO Jo White, Emma Sheikh, Christine Hart, Cllr Andy Stamp, Vannessa Dean, Jez Dean.

Apologies: Joan Higgs, Cllr Cathy Sutton, Tina Lawlor Mottram, Joanne Cable, Eileen Bartlett, Pat Cooper, Keith Gulvin, Gerd Hoad.


Linda introduced everyone.

2. Agree the minutes of 2nd September.

Agreed. Adam Price thanked Pat Cooper for taking the minutes.

3. Update on the Park from Mid Kent College (see attached report).

Adam Price read out Mid Kent College’s brief report on the park on behalf of Eileen Bartlett.

Treatment of Japanese knotweed was ongoing. Remaining trees/ vegetation scheduled to be removed will happen over the next month, now that bird nesting is over. Canterbury Archaeological Trust will undertake a photographic survey in mid-November. An initial meeting has been held with the Conservation Architect. They will now carry out a survey and come up with a schedule of work.

Planning revision is still being worked through and will be costed. As soon as this is available, and it has been put forward for planning approval, Mid Kent College will present to the Friends and local residents. EB

Adam Price has received an informal offer from Jane Jones to join the Trust as a community representative.

4. Update from Joanne Cable.

This was held over until the next meeting in Joanne’s absence. JC

The Friends had manned the stand at the ‘Great Lines City Park’ consultation event at Fort Amherst, and had recruited some more members including Vanessa and Jez Dean. Thanks to Mid Kent College for printing 300 more FoAG leaflets. The event was quite well attended, although Vanessa Dean felt it should have been advertised more widely.

The public were able to see sketch proposals regarding the Great Lines City Park at the Fort Amherst event, put stickers on flip charts, listen to the design brief, and discuss the proposals (including a possible new name for the Park).

There was egg launching for the children, and guided tours of the Fort. A summary of the event, what came out of it, and what will happen next can be viewed on the Chatham World Heritage website:

5. Heritage report

A presentation on heritage aspects of the Lower Lines was held over to the next meeting in the absence of Keith Gulvin. KG/AP

6. Medway Urban Parks and Green Spaces Forum

Linda Miller reported that Brian Baker has volunteered to put some information about us onto the MUPGSF website. Pat Cooper has sent some photographs from the picnic; permission will need to be obtained from those photographed. Adam Price agreed to provide the information Brian has requested. AP

7. Matters arising from the minutes of 2nd­ September

a. Funding received from Chatham World Heritage Partnership

Adam Price reported the Friends have been successful in the grant application to Chatham World Heritage Partnership. The following summarises the funding we have obtained, and what we are committed to achieving over the next few months:

Publicity £ Projected dates

    • Set up a website and buy the domain name 350 31 March 2009

    • Leaflet 450 30 June 2009

  • Organise annual picnic this year as an open event 50 28 September 2008

  • Hire of Honeybees room in the Sunlight Centre ­150 09/08- 06/0

Total 1,000

This provides a good opportunity for members of the Friends to get involved in All organisation and planning as we are charged with setting up a website and designing a new leaflet to promote the Friends and the new park. This will become a regular item on our agenda for future meetings.

Adam Price, Linda Miller and Tina Lawler-Mottram will meet with Joanne Cable to discuss administration of the funding. AP, LM &TLM

b. Annual picnic held on 28 September

This had been successful. A dozen people had attended including Paul Clark MP. Some photographs were taken.

c. Annual membership donation

The following each donated £1; Adam Price agreed to hand the money to our Treasurer:

Cllr Andy Stamp, Vanessa & Jez Dean, Peter Reid.

d. Project by Bridget Simmonds, Regeneration Ambassador.

Linda Miller reported on a project being undertaken by Bridget Simmonds. Bridget is collecting photographs to show various Medway landmarks as they were, are now, and will be in the future. Bridget already has some from Joanne Cable, and she is in touch with Eileen Bartlett at MidKent College. Mervyn Lamb gave permission for any of his photographs to be used; Adam Price agreed to forward a selection of photos together with some information to Bridget Simmonds. AP

Date of Next Meeting: AGM

“Tuesday 25 November 2008”, 6.00pm

Honeybees room, Sunlight Centre

Richmond Road, Gillingham


Summary of action points follows:

Action required before next meeting:

1. Present revised plans for the park to the Friends and Residents EB

2. Update from Joanne Cable JC

3. Presentation on heritage aspects KG

4. Provide some information for Medway Urban Parks & Green Spaces website AP

5. Get involved in planning for a website and a new leaflet All

6. Meet Joanne Cable about the grant awarded by Chatham World Heritage Partnership LM, TLM & AP

7. Provide some information and photographs to Bridget Simmonds AP

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